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Red Nail Art Paint

Red Nail Art Paint

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Further Info:

  • 3ml pot
  • water based paint so design must be sealed in with top coat
  • Paints can be mixed together to create more colours
1. To use the paints with the striping brushes dip the brush into the paint and quickly flick over the nail to create a stripe/flick
2. To use with the dotting tool, just dip into the paint and dab onto the nail to create your design. The ends of the dotting tool are different sizes to create different sized dots.
3. These paints are water based and can be wiped off the nail using just damp cotton wool so if you go wrong DO NOT PANIC!!- there is no need to paint the whole nail with varnish again!
4. The paints may need shaking / stirring to ensure a smooth colour.
5. If the paints dry up - add a few drops of water and mix
6. You can mix the paints to create even more colours - mix onto our paint palette!

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