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Want to hold a nail art party but haven't a clue where to start and what to buy?  The information on this page should make the party run smoothly!  Our party pack range are designed to suit your budget and ensure a fun time for everyone involved! We also have included some other suitable items.
  • Don't do each girl one at a time as they will get bored...have two or three girls at a once at the table.  This will allow nails to dry in between coats of varnish and design so they don't get smudged.
  • Use chunky glitter rather than rhinestones - same sparkly effect but they’re flat and so the children shouldn’t pick them off!  Use this in the centre of flowers for a touch of sparkle!
  • Only take a few light shimmery coloured nail varnishes - their school probably won’t appreciate brightly coloured nail varnish (it may be against their policy) and then you will only need one coat of varnish.
  • Remember their nails are very small so keep the design small on the design wheel.  Don't do over elaborate large designs as children will not understand that they can’t have a certain design because it won’t fit on their tiny nails!
  • Display designs on a design wheel and make a few up so that you don’t have a big crowd around the table with girls trying to choose their design! Place design wheel in a cd case to keep it safe.
  • Don’t offer too much choice as else the children will take ages to decide!  Just offer a few paint colours for a small number of designs.  
  • Keep the designs simple - paw prints and flowers go down a storm and are really quick to complete!   
  • Display the same design in a few different colours so girls can see which one they prefer.
  • Don’t apply nail art to all the nails - just two or four as their nails will be very small - apply to thumbs and middle finger as these are the largest!  It also reduces the time it takes to complete nail art on each child.
  • Apply cuticle oil after - this will allow some slip so varnish is less likely to smudge once you have finished!  It also adds an extra touch to the treatment, making girls feel special.
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