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Clown Bubbles Nail Transfer Foil

Clown Bubbles Nail Transfer Foil

Discontinued Item

Further Info:

  • 1.5m roll of foil
  • Requires foil adhesive to use
  • Suitable for use with our top coat
  • Packed in re-sealable bag
1. Make sure the nails are clean or you have applied nail varnish first and allowed to dry. (It's best to apply varnish to smooth out any ridges that might be in the nails).
2. It's always worth applying a similar coloured varnish and allowing to dry before applying adhesive so if any little bits off foil haven?t rubbed off onto the nail it won't show.
3. Lightly apply the foil adhesive covering the whole nail. Wait for it to go clear (about 2 mins - ish) - do not knock the nails as the adhesive will come off, same as wet varnish.
4. Apply the foil - design side up (if it slides about the adhesive isn't ready - it should stick straight away - this is probably the area that is causing the issue).
5. Rub the foil onto the nail and peel off the backing - try not to get any creases in the foil when applying.
6. Seal with top coat.
To remove:
1. Use nail varnish remover and remove as you would a normal polish

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